Should I go to the gym? Should I go to a restaurant? Your guide to staying healthy during the coronavirus pandemic

There is no question that if you have been infected by the novel coronavirus or have symptoms of the COVID-19 illness, you should not leave your home unless directed otherwise. But if you have no symptoms or reason to believe you’ve been exposed, you don’t have to lock yourself in your home. In the U.S. […]

Private-jet companies in Europe swamped with calls to fly CEOs, sports stars and entertainers to the U.S. after Trump’s travel-ban announcement

The phone started ringing off the hook early Thursday at Swiss-based private-jet company LunaJets, with desperate Americans on the other end of the line willing to pay big bucks to get home. LunaJets said the company had been inundated with requests since 5 a.m. Thursday after U.S. President Donald Trump imposed a 30-day travel ban […]

It Rhymes

Hey Scoopers, With the announcement of a global pandemic, the stock market has entered the correction territory. It’s important to remember that the stock market movements rhymes with its history. Knowing that may give you helpful context for whatever decision you may need to make about your portfolio these days – more on that in the “Overall Market” […]

World’s most valuable public company slammed for ‘utterly shameful’ and ‘inhumane’ behavior toward worker

Somebody at Saudi Aramco thought this was a good idea. — هشام فقيه (@HishamFageeh) March 10, 2020 Social media, however, did not, and outrage exploded across Twitter TWTR, -8.77%  , with accusations of racism, injustice and “modern-day slavery” dominating the discussion: Outrageous and that guy in the suit compounded his injustice by actually using the […]

This plunge looks a lot like the ones that rocked stocks in 1929, 1987 and 2008 — if it keeps tracking, look out

Beware the chop! The takeaway from this Longview Economics visual (our “chart of the day”) seems to be: Don’t get sucked into the bounces. If history is any indication, a true stock market rout doesn’t happen in a straight line. Choppy trading is part of the process. Big up days tend to follow big down […]

Why U.S. shale oil producers are at the heart of the Saudi-Russia price war

The rapid growth of the U.S. shale industry is at the heart of a Russia-versus-Saudi Arabia crude-oil price war that threatens to upend a global economy already under threat from the spread of the coronavirus, experts said Monday. “Russia has made no secret of the fact that it is concerned about the growth of the […]

The New Gold

Hello Scoopers, Last week we decided to interrupt the Monday IPO Review series to share the first set of companies on our Coronavirus Watchlist. We discussed four stocks that are either directly or indirectly impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak around the world. Those stocks were American Airlines (Ticker: AAL), Moderna (Ticker: MRNA), Teladoc(Ticker: TDOC) and BlackRock (Ticker: BLK). Go […]